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Personal Spiritual Growth

Promises for Those Who Gather

Monday, October 27th, 2014

All must gather. In the gathering I will manifest my presence and pour forth my gifts. Many will be converted. They will see what must be changed. I will call others to great works. All will be zealous for my name to be exalted.

In the gatherings, I will pour out great faith, an inner gift of peace filled with confidence, a belief that I am able to rescue all who trust in me. I will place many gifts within the person. These gifts will be oil for the lamps which cannot be purchased at the last minute.

I will be with you. I will dwell in your hearts and pour out my strength but these gifts must be received now. The strengthening is today and every day. The secret lies in the gatherings. Begin in the home. Gather for prayer. I will visit you. If groups of families are of one accord, then let them gather in larger numbers. I will raise up many and bless their efforts to gather even more people in public places. Here, too, I will be present.

This is my great promise. In this time of so many problems, I will bless, protect, guard and guide all who gather in my name. I will cover them with my mantle, protecting them in ways both hidden and seen. I will go with them wherever they go. I will guide their steps and keep them away from all that endangers them, in body or soul. These are my promises upon all who gather each day in my name.

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