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Personal Spiritual Growth

Places and Groups Dedicated to Mary

Sunday, October 26th, 2014

How many Churches are dedicated to me. How many shrines and groups bear my name. This is where I will begin because it will be so clear that I am acting. Every place and every group that bears my name and has been placed under my care will be a place where my blessings will begin to pour forth.

I will pour out my gifts at these special places so faith will grow. People will know that I have not abandoned them in these difficult hours. So, let this word go forth. I will visit every place that bears my name. When people enter that Church or shrine, I will be there to meet them.

Let them bring their sorrows and their pains. I will console everyone. Tears will flow and peace will come. Hearts will be strengthened and the signs and wonders can take place. People will know that I have heard their prayers and listened to their sighs. Unexpected answers will be given. All of this is to stir up faith, to strengthen hearts and to give inner joy. As others learn that a place has become a great source of consolation, they, too, will come.

I do not point out one Church or shrine. The needs are too great. But the great shrines will grow even stronger because there my name has been constantly invoked. The crowds there will grow greater. I have planted this blessing on the very foundation of that Church or shrine. Those who named it had faith in me. Now, I want to release the hidden stream contained in that faith.

O reader, where is there a Church or shrine or group dedicated to me? Go there often and I will release this hidden stream into your life.

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