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Modern Crises

The Ebola Crisis

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

I will speak of the Ebola crisis. This epidemic is caused by the breakdown of governments and the corruption that so plagues Africa. It arises from the poverty and the social conditions of the people. These should never have existed. They are conditions brought about by sinfulness and selfishness.

Who will break these long-standing practices, whereby those who come to power serve themselves? They turn all to their own benefit, and literally rape their people. Do not blame these evils upon the Almighty God. They are afflictions that inevitably happen when people are forced to live in poverty. God’s blessing should have been flowing to these nations, but corrupt officials block progress and keep the people in a lowly condition. I will speak more to this topic.

There is a demonic hold upon Africa which must be broken so Africa can fulfill its role in the family of nations. People always expect its great emergence because it is blessed by so many resources. This will never take place until Satan’s hold over that continent is broken and the streams of grace flow freely.

I have begun my great work at Kibeho and the flames of my heart will go out from there.

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