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Modern Crises

The Dream of the Terrorists

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

I must speak quickly about this threat of terrorism. The Middle East is like a caldron that burns deeply and many people see the West as their enemies. Their eyes are always on the West. Their minds are filled with the grievances which they hold against the West and their hearts are filled with hatred.

As the wars go on and the violence destroys their own countries, the fires of hatred grow greater. Fires send off sparks and great fires send their sparks flying in every direction.

Although the West is beginning to grasp the seriousness of the threat, so much has happened that the fires cannot be put out. Many have acted in hatred. They have joined together and have seen great destruction which, in their eyes, are good results.

The terrorists see themselves on a road, and this road leads westward to all the great cities of the world. They want those cities, first to terrorize, then to destabilize and finally to conquer and own. They do not yet have this capability, but it will suddenly be theirs if more powerful weapons fall into their hands and if they can extend their organization.

Need I say more about this terrible threat whose desires have no limit? I am the Woman of Fatima and I have promised world peace through my Immaculate Heart. When will the whole Church heed my voice?

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