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Foolish Decisions

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

A mother sorrows when she sees her children doing foolish things and making foolish decisions. How often she says to them, “Do not be fooled”. She says these words with great sorrow and, also, with great hope, trusting that her words will turn her child away from the foolishness and on to a safer path. That is why I speak each day.

I see my children and all the foolish decisions they will make this day. Even more than that, I see the results of these decisions, what lies ahead and even what awaits them at the end of the road. I will describe these effects of a foolish decision.

The person lives in light but as soon as they make a foolish decision, they enter into some darkness. Some peace is stolen from them. They are walking away from the light. However, the delight which they experience in the object of their foolish decision hides that darkness from their eyes. The foolish goal gains a power over them and draws them. Even if friends speak to them, they do not listen. A dark power has entered their heart, an illicit goal. A forbidden fruit attracts them. As they give themselves more and more to this powerful evil, its tentacles quickly wrap themselves around their heart, take control of their feelings and dominate their thoughts. In the end, they are trapped into an evil that has drawn them from light into darkness, by a succession of foolish decisions.

What can be done when advice of friends has been of no avail? Happy that person who has a loving mother. She is their final hope. Happy that person whose mother calls them into her presence and says, “What is this I hear about you?” No matter how old you are, no matter how tall you are, there is a woman who is your mother, and, in her presence, you are always a son or daughter. Her scolding you is your only chance. If you do not listen to her, you will listen to no one.

So, foolish child, I call you into my presence. I sorrow over you, but I hope that I can turn you away from the destructive forces which have gotten control of you. This is what I ask you to do.

For a moment, think of your earthly mother. Speak to her in your heart. Reveal to her the evil that now controls you by your foolish decisions. Will she not give you good advice? Will she not encourage you to take whatever action is needed? Will she not show you the way back to the path of goodness. I will use your earthly mother and the love which she has for you as my instrument in restoring you to God’s favor.

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