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God’s Opinion of You

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Do not worry about what other people think or say. The time is too short and the difficulties are too great that lay ahead. You must be anxious only about the state of your soul before God.

When people possess many things, they do not think of the state of their soul before God. When people are in the middle of trials, they do not worry about the state of their soul before God. So, when does man grow concerned about the state of his soul? Even at death’s door, many do not consider the state of their soul before God.

Being concerned about your soul is not a matter of being rich or poor, healthy or sick. It is a personal gift, a value which the person holds dearly. It is to value the only goal that really matters. “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?” said Jesus. No matter what you had on earth, no matter what you accomplished on earth, no matter how highly you were praised on earth, you have lost everything – completely and forever.

If you had nothing on earth, if you seemed to accomplish little, if you were forgotten and set aside, yet my Son Jesus said to you “Come into my kingdom”, you will enjoy life forever and ever. How can I get this across? The greatest gift of God is to be concerned about the state of your soul, to be concerned with being in God’s favor, to be concerned with how God thinks of you.

Understand clearly. God has his opinion of you. Right now you are in his favor or you are in his judgment. You should be very concerned about what his opinion is of you. His opinion is based upon the state of your soul and the state of your soul depends totally on your decision. You must want to be a friend of God, do nothing to lose that friendship, and do everything to gain it. O reader, your greatest call is to be a child of God through my Son.

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