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Raising Up a Leader

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

The world is exploding – Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Iran and so many other places. Where is America? I look to America and it refuses to take its proper place, a place for which I designed it and the reason that I raised it to power.

I made America the watchman. There was a time when it would pay any price, bear any burden, fight any foe. America did not seek to dominate but to liberate, not to control people but to free them. Now, it slinks back into the shadows, unwilling to commit its strength to what is true and good.

When will America say, “We must do the right thing?” Impossible. America has no idea of what is the right thing, the good thing, the moral thing. It has taken the work “moral” and removed it from its vocabulary.

Where is America as the fires explode and feed one another? I will tell you where it is. It is looking out for its own interests. It no longer leads. It follows. It no longer says, “This is the right path of goodness and truth”. Its eyes are no longer on the path. Its eyes are watching to see what the other nations do. A leader does not watch where others walk and then follows in line. A leader says, “This is the way. Let us march”.

But no one sounds the trumpet. There is no light for the path. All the leaders walk in darkness, while thinking they are in the light.

America, you have rejected my Son, the light of the world. Your leaders no longer look to him for light. What can I do? I must look for someone for whom my Son, Jesus, is still the light of the world. I must raise him up and scatter all the others. It will happen before your very eyes.

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