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Drawn by God

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

When a person is alone, he can only bring forth individual goals. When he joins in a relationship with another, he can bring forth far more. This is best seen in marriage when a child is born from a relationship. It happens in many other areas. When one person joins with others, an enterprise, a company, a school, a political party or even a marriage can begin.

If in human relationships, a new fruitfulness happens when one person joins with another, how much more this happens in the divine mysteries, when a person is drawn into a relationship with God. I say “drawn” because man does not choose to seek God. First, God must act, placing hopes and desires within the person. If the person listens, senses these desires and responds to them, then God can draw the person into the greatest gift of all, a personal, intimate relationship.

This seems so unequal, man being a friend of God. In the beginning, it is very unequal. However, God lifts the person up, deifies the person and, in the greatest of moments, transforms the person by the flame of divine love. The person loves God with God’s own love. God has transformed the person into an adequate lover, sharing the divine flame of the Holy Spirit. From this gift comes the greatest fruitfulness in human history. From the silent heart of this transformed person comes untold blessings. Families, churches and nations are blessed. God’s mercies pour out because he has transformed the willing person into an adequate lover. God, in his delight, blesses the whole world with love upon love.

You, O reader, are called to a life with God. Much has been written. The Catholic Church has a spiritual tradition. Discover that tradition. Read the books. Find those who are devoted to the spiritual life. Immerse yourself. This is not the work of one day or of one year. It is the call of your whole lifetime. When you find love, you find God. When you find a love for God, you find every blessing. Unfortunately, many good people do not know how to be “drawn by God”.

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