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Calling the Nations to Repentance

Friday, January 20th, 2012

The world certainly sees its own problems – the wars, the terrorism, the economic instability. It sees the need for leadership, for meetings, for plans, for goals, and for agendas. However, it sees absolutely no need for repentance. God has been removed from the scene, and this fundamental need for repentance has been pushed aside. So, I bring this to the attention of mankind. I point out the need for repentance and what repentance will bring about. I will be the preacher of repentance, which is mankind’s greatest need. If mankind were to repent, the wheels would be set in motion that would change the course of the world and avoid the divine chastisements. I will explain.

When a nation acts selfishly a series of events are set in motion. When, for example, a nation begins a war, then people are mobilized. At the same time, the other nation also prepares to defend itself. Gigantic groups are now focusing on a false goal, created by the evil decision to begin a war. So it is with all of human history. Evil decisions have been made at every level and in every field. These decisions have set the world on a path totally diverted from the path intended by God.

So, it is not a matter of plans, meetings and agendas. It is a matter of getting off the present path and getting on to God’s path. That only happens when God is invoked and man cries out, “We are sorry for not following your path, O God”. Let the spirit of repentance begin to flow. Let it awaken nations! Any nation which humbles itself and repents, will receive a spirit which will revive the land. All other solutions are bound to fail because they never address the heart of the problem. Mankind has forsaken God’s road and has chosen its own.

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