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What Should Be Left Behind

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

I put before you choices of life and death. These are important choices which are made every day. I speak to guide these daily choices.

When a person is in darkness, they make foolish choices, taking what is unworthy and setting aside what is truly valuable. When a person does this every day of their life they discover like Peter that they have fished all night (sometimes with unbelievable energy) but they have caught nothing. Oh, their nets are full. They took in many things. They might have even gained a fortune, but they fished on the wrong side of the boat.

They fished on the earthly side and not the heavenly side. Their nets were filled to overflowing but only with earthly valuables. O reader, you might look around your home and see so many valuable things, all of which you earned and paid for. They are truly yours. You won them. But have you purchased also the valuables of heaven? What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? So, speak about your soul.

A moment will come when you will die and must leave your earthly wealth. You will take with you only what is in your soul. What is there right now? First, there are sins. Yes, you have committed sins. You do not want to take these sins with you. So, you must seek forgiveness. Take a moment. What sins come to mind? Do not be afraid to allow them to surface because, then, you can ask forgiveness.

If need be, write them down. Make a list. Now bring each sin before my Son, Jesus. For each sin, ask for his forgiveness. Will he forgive you? He is just waiting for you to ask. Just ask and they will be forgiven. For Catholics, there is a greater gift. They can receive Jesus’ pardon in the sacrament of confession. What must you do after this? I will talk again, later.

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