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Recapturing American Generosity

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

Just as people leave their valuable possessions behind, not realizing that they have lost them. So America has left is most valued possession behind, the gift that made it a great nation.

It has forsaken the well of living water. Its cisterns have been broken. Its culture no longer values truth. Everything has been thrown away that preserved the ancient heritage. The old has been rejected. The new has been embraced.

Motherhood is now set aside for the career. Family is now sacrificed for the gaining of goods. Children are devalued. Large families, where children enjoy many brothers and sisters, have been replaced by what is convenient to the parents.

The children learn these values. Selfish parents bring about selfish children. Parents who severely limit their children bring about children who will abort their children.

Selfishness is a stream which many hearts quickly accept because it serves their own interests. Generosity is a river that finds few hearts open to its blessings because it demands sacrifices.

America used to be a generous country. It would make many sacrifices to gain what was true and good for others. Now, it is a selfish country, where everyone looks to their own interests.

How can I save you, America, a country so close to my heart? There is only one path. Return to the generosity and sacrifice that made you great. Return to the truth that guided you.

Begin now. You, who are reading these words, do not wait for others. Begin today to recapture a generous heart. I will help you.

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