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Electing a President

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

The holes are opening up in the American economy, gigantic gaps that no amount of money can fill in. American life is spiraling downward and out of control. No one can see how fast all of this will transpire. There is still an aura of unreality, as if this could never happen in America.

O America, you will tumble and tumble, wondering when this downturn will bottom out. “When will we turn around?” you will ask.

Who are your leaders? Whom have you elected? Did you not vote your wallets? Is it not always the economy that determines your choice? You have gotten the leadership that you deserve. These are the ones you have chosen, because you always vote by the wrong standards.

You must hold your elected officials to higher standards. They must be good people, who protect the unborn and protect marriage. To you, these issues seem unimportant, as if they are on the sidelines. Yes, for you they do not matter. If Satan could fix your economy, you would elect him your president.

This is my promise. If you place first what I place first and elect officials who hold my values, then your economy will turn around. However, if you continue to elect those who are unworthy but promise you economic blessings, your economy will continue to tumble.

Look at the next elections in light of what I have just told you. Those who do not protect the unborn and who do not protect marriage cannot protect your money.

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