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Understanding the Fatima Message

The Two Different Nights

Sunday, July 26th, 2015

There are two quite different nights – the night of God and the night of hell. God’s night is filled with a darkness that soon becomes dawn. Hell’s night only grows greater. In God’s night, the angels help you. In Satan’s night, the devils torment you. What a difference between the two nights and how important to know which one is happening.

In God’s night, you must continue on because the day will certainly dawn if you persevere. In Satan’s night, you must withdraw. Go back. Retrace your steps. You were walking in light and have stumbled into darkness. All your efforts to gain a victory are foolish steps into greater darkness. You must become a child and allow me to recall you into my light.

Read the signs of each night. God’s night happens when He places holy desires in your heart. Because your holy desires are not yet fulfilled, you are in God’s darkness for a while. Follow these desires. Do not give up. In a little while, you will see what God intends.

In the demonic darkness, something has taken you away from God’s path. Peace has given way to turmoil. All grows dark. It is time to stop and to trace the source of the darkness. Do not push ahead on this road. You will only get more entangled. Wait for my light so you can return to God’s path. Then, your night will be over quickly.

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