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Fatima's 100th Anniversary

The Fatima Messenger

Saturday, January 10th, 2015

Can I not lift up this little voice of locutions and make it my voice of Fatima? That is exactly what I must do because the voice of Fatima has been silenced. I will find other ears and other hearts, which cherish this message and look to this voice of the locutions with the greatest desires. Let me begin.

Nearly 100 years ago, when the Great War was at its height, I came with a sorrowful heart, but one filled with hope. The heavenly Father had sent me to announce great promises. I had chosen three perfect messengers to receive the gift, knowing that their child-like faith would overcome all the difficulties. The messages would be received and proclaimed.

The great gift was sealed on October 13, 1917, a public sign, recorded in all its aspect and proclaimed by even the secular press. What a history since then! The great treasure has been in a perilous stream, looked at, examined, set aside, and limited, but never opened. Speculation, controversy, books written and debates, but the gift never opened.

I say all this because I want to reveal my actions. I have taken the Fatima gift and I have placed it in the heart of my priest son. He knows his call fully. Long ago he accepted the gift and ever since then has dedicated himself to it. Now, a great urgency arises in his heart. He can see the events happening which he knew would come first. He knows the time is short. Pray for him. He is my Fatima messenger.

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