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Fatima's 100th Anniversary

All - From Least To Greatest Can Enter

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

I will open up all the doors and turn on all the lights. These are the doors of my heart so people of every walk of life, of every class and nation can have entrance. I will turn on all the lights, in every possible language and at every level of human understanding. All, from the least to the greatest, will know that I have not forsaken the human race.

I share with you now my plan. I have spoken so often of events which will disturb human life, will cause suffering, and will grow and affect everyone in the world.

I will use these events. They are breakthroughs of darkness, but I will use them as special moments of my light. When the normal order is shattered, people will no longer place their trust in their little gods of money and possessions. They can no longer count upon their usual lifestyle. They are shaken. Satan will use these events to instill fear, which allows him greater entrance.

I will use the very events that he brings about as my special moments. When people are shaken, I will pour out the religious spirit, the gift of devotion. This is my promise. When the events begin (and they are already happening on a small and limited scale) you must not fear. You must recall my words, “I will open all the doors of my heart so people of every walk of life, of every class and nation, can have entrance.”

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