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!!! HIGH ALERT !!!

!!! The END of our Freedom, of our Existence !!!

The New World Order that serves my adversary has already begun to dominate the world, its agenda of tyranny began with the plan of vaccines and vaccination against the existing pandemic; these vaccines are not the solution, but the beginning of the holocaust that will lead to death, transhumanism and implantation of the mark of the beast, to millions of human beings. (Continue)

The Beginning Locutions

True Paths to Light

Sunday, January 4th, 2015

Amid all the darkness, many paths to light will suddenly appear. Those who have faith will see them and those who believe will walk them. How important will be these locutions, the words of your mother. They will describe everything.

In the midst of the difficulties, my words will point out the false roads and the false leaders. Indeed, many, in their great anxieties, will throw away caution and will follow those leaders. They will choose roads that, in more normal times, they would have easily rejected. Such will be the anxiety that grips so many.

Those who listen, believe and walk in my words, will experience a peace, even amid great difficulties. Those with even a mustard seed of faith, will find great strength. How many hearts I will stir to great devotion. Many will help others. Families will be united because they so need one another. Those who have abandoned the faith, will see how important it is to return.

These are the true paths to light. Reject quick and easy solutions which have no power to touch the heart. My new paths to light will take place within. Amid the greatest difficulties, I will pour out my greatest lights. I must speak through these locutions so all know where to look for my gifts.

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