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The Viruses in the Human Blood Stream

Becoming a Traveler

Monday, October 20th, 2014

Take little steps into the light and suddenly a road will appear. This will be my road for you. It awaits you. It is prepared for you and will lead you through the coming darkness. Do not wait because you will not find this road once the darkness comes.

For every person in the world, I have prepared a road of light. It is not far away. No need to travel to foreign lands. The road comes to you. It is at your doorstep, even within your own home and among your own family.

Let the world events preach to you. They can say it better than any preacher, but their message is only half the truth. They can say, “The darkness is coming” but they cannot speak of a road of light because that is the message hidden in my heart.

Let me bring all of these teachings together for you. Begin right now. Look into your heart. Discover the faith and the practices of faith that you already have. What practices have you abandoned and set aside? Start with these. They are familiar. Be faithful to them each day. By doing this, you will set out and start on your journey. You will become a traveler. A traveler looks and searches. He is not a home. He is not content. He must find his way.

When you become a traveler, I will guide your steps. You will find fellow travelers, who like you are searching. They are your road and you are their road. Join together in your searching. In this way, others can join with you and find their road. Do not separate. While you are together and helping one another I can protect you.

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