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The Viruses in the Human Blood Stream

Mary’s Path

Saturday, October 18th, 2014

What is the path through all of these events? Satan will believe that he has entrapped the whole world. I will provide a path for everyone which will be right at hand. I will visit every heart and enlighten every mind.

It will be a time of a great coming together because people will need one another. To the heads of families, I will give great wisdom.

To my priests, I will give great zeal and extraordinary self-sacrifice and to the Church I will give great light.

This is the moment when the Church will become the light of the world and I will begin to fulfill my mission as the Woman Clothed With the Sun. A world cast into darkness will become a humbled world, a repentant world and the only light will be the Church.

I speak now because this cannot happen overnight. Years of preparation are needed. My message is “Begin now for much time has already been wasted. Do not wait for the darkness; let me clothe you in my light from this moment forward.”

All must begin, priest and people, young an old. Gather for the rosary. This is where I will begin, because Catholics understand this devotion. As you gather for the rosary, I will send many messengers of light. You will learn from them, all the many new and powerful devotions that I have revealed. Slowly, you will move ahead. As a person drawn by a powerful stream, you will be pulled more and more into my Immaculate Heart which is the new Ark of Noah. You and your loved ones will be safe, no matter how much it rains. But you must begin now. Too many delay and are unprepared. Begin now. Begin now. Begin now.

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