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The Mysteries of Mary's Immaculate Heart

Being Sealed with the Immaculate Conception

Monday, October 6th, 2014

All can be sealed with my Immaculate Heart from the least to the greatest. We come now to the heart of the mystery. I have spoken so frequently of world events and my Immaculate Heart as the road to world peace. These events are out of control because the fires of my heart have not been released. But the great mystery of this age takes place within the heart and the new graces that God is giving to the human race.

The Book of Revelation speaks of the seal of God on the foreheads of the elect (C 7). Now, I speak of another mystery, revealed for this age which so needs the love and protection of a mother. My help is not just words or guidance or prophecy. I want to bring about a special grace for the whole world. I call it the seal of my Immaculate Conception.

Would anyone doubt that if I were living in this present age that I would persevere in any trials that are ahead? I suffered the greatest agonies and never wavered. No matter what the soldiers did to my Son, my own heart never wavered. I now want to give this same gift to all the world, from the least to the greatest. All of God’s powers were contained in the first grace of my Immaculate Conception and I want to place this grace in everyone’s heart. I call this “being sealed with my Immaculate Conception”.

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