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Special Locutions on Iraq

Events in Iraq (A Special Locution)

Friday, June 13th, 2014

The events in Iraq are not just moving up the timetable. They are a breakthrough of such magnitude that no world leader can foresee the consequences. This is the breakthrough which gives new life and new existence to terrorism. Now, they will take over a whole country with all its resources. They will establish Sharia Law and claim a victory of great magnitude. Other governments will fear and world markets will be affected. The magnitude of the breakdown taking place in Iraq is difficult to describe.

I can only use the word “magnitude” because the terrorists will bring about the collapse of an existing government. World leaders do not grasp the hearts of the people who have been told so many things which they no longer believe.

For them, reality lies with those who are waving their weapons. The terrorists are experts at causing fears. Even though their numbers are small, they can overwhelm many who fear and no longer believe the promises of their government.

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