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Our Lady's Plan for Saving the

Rebuilding the World

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

I want to rebuild the whole world but I cannot do it upon sinful structures. Nor can I use those whose hearts are taken up in darkness. Darkness and confusion permeate the West and the Church. Even believers cannot understand.

I begin with these locutions to cut away that darkness. Those who resist my words, claiming that my sword is too sharp, have no idea of the precariousness of the Western civilization. They do not realize the tremendous darkness which the West has embraced. I will use the sword of my words to cut away. I will cut deeply and surely. Those who accept my words, I will use to rebuild the whole world. Do not be surprised. All great movements begin with just a few hearts completely dedicated to a seemingly impossible goal.

My first concern is the unborn. Complete legal protection must be restored to them. No compromises. No clever political arrangements will do. They are persons and have their right to life, just as everyone else. Let us stop this flow of death that has poisoned the waters of life for everyone.

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