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World Events

Collapse of American Protection

Monday, March 17th, 2014

My words will take on new meaning and greater clarity. I will not just speak of past events or of events too far in the future. I will speak of all that is unfolding before your very eyes. I want you to trust these words because, when the events begin, they will guide you and help you to understand.

Today, I will speak of America and the problems that are erupting all over the world. America has withdrawn. It has sheathed its sword and its voice no longer has power. Because America has chosen this path, the timetable has moved up. Evil moves more quickly.

In the past, America has made serious blunders because its foreign policies were directed by big business. To help or not to help, to invade or not to invade was decided by its money people, not by those who wanted the best interests of the people.

America’s money interests have devastated countries, removed true leaders, established puppet governments and ruined social structures that could have served well. So much of this business- driven foreign policy has been hidden from the people.

Now, a new policy is in place that refuses to accept the role that I have given to America. I have blessed this nation so that freedom and truth might reign everywhere. America has withdrawn. It refuses to step forward, like a timid dog that only barks loudly and is quickly seen as harmless.

The result will be a total loss of the Ukraine and a Putin who will soon look for other places to devour. These policies were impossible just a few years ago. Now, all seems possible.

China will quickly read the evidence and know that it can move forward with aggression. Iran will realize that the terms of its agreement are meaningless and will never be enforced by a cowed America.

America’s allies also see the change and no longer count upon its strength. All of this inevitably happens when the great protector, America, whom I have blessed and chosen, throws down its arms and surrenders.

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