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World Events

The Invasion of Ukraine

Friday, March 14th, 2014

Treasure my words. Hold onto my light. These are all that you will have in the days ahead. I must turn my heart to those world events that are suffocating and destroying. These actions are putting the whole world on notice that the foundations of peace are very shaky.

Even though events are happening in the Ukraine, these are not the final or central events. However, this invasion reveals the frailty of the West and its inability to stand firm and repress the forces of evil.

This helplessness is evident everywhere, in Iran where atomic weapons are being built, in Iraq where order has collapsed, and in Syria where the dictator strengthens his stranglehold upon the country.

The leaders will speak at the United Nations. Words will flow abundantly but few will be the actions that can turn back this invasion. Another piece of the world will fall into darkness. Only those who listen to my teachings, really understand what is happening.

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