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The Secrets of Heaven

The Secrets of the Saints

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Too many hold back, afraid to seek God’s favors. So, I myself bring you into God’s presence. I present you to him as my special child and I plead for your every need.

Among heaven’s greatest gifts is the intercession of the saints, all the saints, both known and unknown. They plead every minute for you. They, who now see God, want you to see God. They, who live forever, want you to live forever. How incessant this pleading. How fruitful. It gains so many helps for you.

You are not alone. All of heaven accompanies you on your journey. When you turn aside, and go off the road, the saints intercede even more. When you are fervent, they rejoice.

Enter into this cloud of witnesses. Hide yourself in their company until the day that Jesus comes for you. Blessed are those whom he finds united with his friends. All will enter as one.

Do not think of yourself as an individual walking a lonely path to the kingdom. You are in the middle of all the saints who accompany you. Just remain with them.

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