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The Opposing Forces

Mary will be Everywhere

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Man searches and searches, always seeking new ways and new inventions, always hoping that the next new discovery will finally bring the unending happiness for which he yearns. Yet, he never finds and continues to search.

He needs a new wisdom which will show him where and how to search. He must understand his own inner desires which are made for God. He avoids these truths. He shoves the Almighty to the sidelines. He even outlaws him and restricts his name from being mentioned. He removes God from public life because so many have already removed him from their private life.

So, God will send a woman to entrap man’s hearts. God has appealed to man through his Son. Now, he will seek man through the woman. This is the Father’s secret plan.

I will be everywhere. Already, I am appearing in many places. I will take on new forms. There will be new devotions, new books, new understanding. I repeat. I will be everywhere. No one will think to exclude me. And when I come, I will always bring Jesus.

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