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The Opposing Forces

Mary's Chosen Leaders

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

I will open up my heart. I do not need to wait to reveal these secrets. There are many people whom I hold in my heart. These are my chosen men and women, coming from all areas of life. I chose them and I want them to be a blessing to many.

I must awaken them. They must know my plans. They must realize that I want to lift them up. First, they must come to know me and to know my ways.

I will lead some into the highest levels of leadership. I would lead one to the presidency. I would place others in positions of power so that America returns to the light. People must learn to support my choices. They must decide according to quite different values. They must ask, “Who is telling us the truth? Who will lead us into the light, even though the road is difficult? Who will insure a future America that has a solid foundation.

Pray. Ask me for these leaders and I will raise them up. The only hope for America lies in those whom I have chosen.

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