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The Resignation as a Sign

Many Dead Ends

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Every option is on the table. The cardinals will consider everything. Then, I will bring to their minds new thoughts, that at first they had never thought of. I will let them go down their own paths and come to their dead ends. I will let them search and search for the answer. Whom should they raise to the Chair of Peter? Only when they have seemingly exhausted every possibility will the thought enter their heart. Then, they will move in my direction and I will lead them quickly.

No one knows the candidate hidden so well, so deeply, in my heart. I have deliberately kept him buried in my love. He will not stir. He will not cry out. He will be covered over in great darkness, just as the cloud covered and protected the Israelites in the desert.

Only when I part the sea of confusion and show the cardinals where to walk, will this cloud lift. They will see clearly to walk where they thought they would never walk. I must assure them, just as God assured the Israelites, that it is safe to walk between the parted waves.

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