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Words to Particular Groups

The Burdened Person

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

I speak to the wandering soul, the person who enjoys no rest, plagued by circumstances that have happened, many of which were beyond his control. I speak to the burdened soul who tries to fulfill so many responsibilities with so few resources. Their numbers are increasing and their burdens grow greater. They can find no rest. Their days are spent searching for enough to live and survive. Their numbers are legion. To them I speak, “In all your searching, do not forget the kingdom of God. Often you search but you do not find. However, whoever searches for the kingdom always finds and the kingdom is a pearl of great value and a hidden treasure. In all of your searching, I say “Seek first the kingdom of God and all these other things will be given you besides.”

I speak to the homeless. How can this be in America, that you have no home? The sins of America have caused this. The greed, the deception, the corruption. America blessed with my abundance has squandered its heritage and many of its children wander the streets, subject to all the changes of weather and all the harshness of the elements.

Who can unravel all the causes that brought you to this state? Who can unveil your own failings that might have contributed to your losses? To search for those answers is a useless path, so let us take a different one. I value you. You are worthwhile in my eyes. You have a body that needs to be helped and a soul that needs to be saved. I will help you with both. As you call upon my name, “Mary”, I will place hope in your soul, light in your mind and determination in your will. You will not remain an outcast or a rejected part of society. You will find your place and give me thanks. Let us begin now.

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