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Human History

God’s Helps

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

What can I offer to those who believe and trust in me, to those who follow my word? First, I say, “Do not be afraid”. Fear causes even more destruction and leads to irrational acts. Only the peaceful person will persevere. That is the goal – to persevere until these times are over, when the forces of evil have been spent and I can come to rescue and save.

Ahead of you are not just destructive events (and they are many). There are also saving events, when I act in a very direct way to shift the tide of history. My people must believe these words. They must never tire of raising their voices to the heavens, especially in large assemblies of praise. These gatherings will prepare for my divine intervention.

The light will come immediately in the hearts of all the believers. I will be with them and they will be very sensitive to my inner guidance. They must not look for visions or apparitions. These will come later when more extraordinary means are needed.

In the beginning, there will be a tiny light. As each person believes in this light and follows it, the light will grow. Each person will need others. All who enjoy this inner light must gather in light and call others to this light. All who join them will also receive the light. This will be a saving light which helps all who remain faithful to the group to survive the darkness. Trust my words. They are the first rays of light.

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