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Why the Violence?

The Power of Past Decisions

Saturday, December 15th, 2012

Mankind is mired in its own decisions, those made long ago and those made just yesterday. They all pile up. None is set aside. All continue to have their power. Who can set mankind free of its past? What power can deliver him?

To forget the past gives these decisions hidden power, like buried memories that refuse to come to light. Yet mankind refuses to see its sins and closes itself to repentance. These hidden powers force mankind to repeat the past evils in greater ways and in more powerful dimensions.

I stand as man’s liberator, able to purge and cleanse. However, mankind avoids me and claims no need to come to me. I await and welcome every repentant heart.

There was no darkness as mankind came forth from the heavenly Father’s hands. Mankind chose the darkness and it entered his heart. Every human being must battle the forces of darkness which lie within. So many are unaware of this original sin and the personal sins that multiply the darkness. Mankind creates a culture of darkness, which exists within and without, a darkness which constantly multiplies.

Where is the light that can cast out this darkness? My Son, Jesus, is the light of the world, but he, too, was cast out and crucified. The heavenly Father raised him up in the mystery of Jesus’ rising from the dead. This is what we will explain to the world.

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