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Jesus is the Way

Manifestation to Mary

Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

There was a unique moment of my glory when I manifested my glorified presence to my mother. This is not recorded in Scripture because it was so internal to her spirit. Because the disciples needed bodily visions, I appeared to them to convince them of my rising from the dead. My mother did not need this. She was ready for the highest manifestation of my glory in the deepest part of her soul. This slightest touch of God effects greater glory than many lower gifts, like bodily visions.

Such it was with my mother and this experience cannot be described in words. Also, it is continuous and constantly growing. She went from glory to glory, a glory unknown to men and angels. She was totally hidden in me, arriving at the center of my heart. From the time of my resurrection to the time of her Assumption there was a continuous growing union of our spirits. This happened only after my human nature entered into its glory. These secrets will be on display for all to see in heaven, where every human being enters into the union between myself and my mother. How else can anyone be born to eternal life? She is the mother of all the living.

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