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Putting the Torch to Oil

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

The oil has been spilled and the torch is being touched to those parts that are ready to burn. My own heart sorrows greatly to see what lies ahead. I cannot save the world because my messages have been set aside for too long. Time does not wait. Human hearts are drawn into evil and are corrupted by it. For how many decades, now, have the unborn been sacrificed to political agendas? For how long now has the very nature of marriage been overturned by one law after another? I could go on with all my questions! How many arms and weapons have been made and sold for financial gain?

All of these evils are not new. They have been allowed to grow for decades. Let me ask this question. On a given day how many sins are committed compared with how many prayers are said? How many no longer go to church and how many are still faithful to it? Look at the drugs. How long they have blighted your culture and ruined the young! Need I continue to make my point?

So much of human life has been doused with the oil of sin, that this oil is no longer on the surface. It has gotten into the pores of the skin. It has entered the blood stream and has reached the heart itself. When the torch is touched to the oil, it will not just cause a superficial fire. The flame will follow the oil and, after all these years, the oil is everywhere. This is the daunting task that I face.

When someone turns away from God, they can be easily called back early. However, the longer they walk that path, the deeper they go into darkness and the less they can hear my voice. That is the current situation in the world and no one can disagree with me. These evils are long-standing and deeply rooted in man’s heart. When the torch is touched to the oil, the flame will go everywhere.

See the oil of your sins for what it is – fuel for the Satanic fire. What can be done? If you repent, I will cleanse you from the oil and the fire will bypass you. Fire or repentance? That is your choice.

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