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Closing the Doors of Death

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

The ways of God and the ways of men are quite different. God’s way is a way of life, where true life flourishes and the instruments of death are set aside. Man’s way is a way of selfishness, of seeking what can please himself. Man does not intend death, but if something gets in his way, he does not exclude it. For him, the death of another is an alternative. He never shuts the door. He never says, “I cannot take that road”. So, in the back of his mind, there always lies the alternative of death.

This brings uncertainty. Those who are weak and dependent are never sure what those who are powerful will do. They are helpless. They know that death is always an option.

There can only be a culture of life when man obeys God who has said so clearly “Thou shalt not kill”. The direct killing of another is a door that must be kept forever closed. It was first opened by Cain and, since then, it has introduced untold miseries to the human race.

Who will be the first to close that door forever? Who will be the first to renounce violence and choose the way to peace? These will be the peacemakers of the New Age. This was the path which my Son chose when he told Peter to put away his sword (Mt.26:52). This has been the path of everyone who truly followed my Son. They always closed the door of death, even if it meant their own death.

The world will cry out, “We cannot do this. There is violence everywhere”. Begin where there is no violence. Is the child within the womb violent? Does he attack anyone? Why is the door of death so open to him? Close that door first and a new gentleness will settle upon America. Your eyes will be opened to other doors of death that can be closed. Most important, you will not be opening new doors of death that have, until this moment, never been opened before. You cannot open one door to death and think that you can keep the others closed.

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