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Nuclear Proliferation

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

You do not know where I lead you until the door opens and you enter. Behind each door is a gift which awaits you and which you receive in faith. Let us begin.

The reason I come to you is because of the perilous state of the world which I constantly point out. I also come because mankind is not prepared. It has walked away from the Age of Faith. So, there are two problems – the perilous sate of mankind and the lack of any faith in God’s Providence. All of this is a dangerous mixture for despair. Even now, this despair has begun to grip people’s hearts and brings about a paralysis.

The forces of destruction will continue to multiply as atomic weapons proliferate and fall into the hands of terrorists who are committed to the destruction of the West and the rise of the Muslim faith. This will present new and more dangerous situations. The resources of the West will be stretched thin, easily able to be penetrated. So, what can be done in the face of these mounting problems?

If my people but ask me, heaven will respond, but their crying out to me cannot be sporadic. They must set aside their endless hours spent on entertainment and gather in intercession as never before. The time is urgent and the stakes are higher. The weapons are more powerful and more proliferated than ever before. So, the intercession that reaches my heart must be louder and more extensive.

During World War II, did not my people gather in the churches? Did they not fervently pray for the safe return of their loved ones? Did I not bring the war to a conclusion on my feast day? Did I not guide America?

So it will be. What happened in the past can happen again! I repeat. There is no need for mankind to go down the road of nuclear war but the time is short and people must realize the urgency.

Do not wait! Do not wait! Gather now in intercession. Begin in the home. Move to the parish and then spread everywhere. Hands must be lifted in intercession.

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