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To the Disillusioned Person

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

You have taken the wrong road. Oh, how many paths lead astray and so many walk them, delighted by what they see at the beginning but disillusioned by what they discover along the way. If only you had listened, you would have been spared the suffering of walking a fruitless path for which you have nothing to show.

The paths of the world are filled with promises and the human heart feels itself drawn. The sights are set and they begin. Soon, their hearts feel entrapped because they were not made for this road.

Do not be afraid of this moment of your disillusionment. It is a grace to see that you have taken the wrong road. It is a time of opportunity.

My path is different. It is entered by faith. As the person walks, they experience a joy, a realization that I will not disappoint them. Can you not begin again?

Will I not reveal my path for you? You will surely find it. Let me teach you what to do.

Find a place, possibly a church, where you can be quiet. Go there often, because it is not in one day or one moment that light is given. The light will come slowly. Be faithful to these visits. I will be there. Call upon me.

Gradually, I will turn your heart to what is of value. I will cut away the false hopes and empty promises. You will see what is of lasting value which you set aside as unimportant. You will pick it up again. You will say “What I have spurned is really what I should have chosen.” Take it up again. This is the path I have for you.

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