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Three Unwanted Gifts

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

I open up my heart to you for you to distribute the riches contained there. Distribute these riches to all who are worthy. If the unworthy want the riches, give it to them, also. The riches will make them worthy.

Unfortunately, the riches I want to give mankind, man does not want. Let me list theses riches which are scorned and rejected.

1. I would give purity of heart and freedom from lusts but man turns aside. He wants his lusts. He enjoys the fires of passions even though they control him and destroy him, even though they lead him into destructive relationships and ruin his family. Yet, I will give purity to whomever asks.

2. I would give truth, but man wants to retain his power to lie, to turn to his advantage what would not be so. He wants to tilt the table, to gain the upper hand even if he needs to lie to do so. Yet, I will give truth to whomever asks.

3. My greatest gift is the desire to sacrifice yourself for others, to lay down your life in service. How I like to distribute that gift and how I love those who want to receive it. These I bless more than any other because they are like my Son who gave his life for many. I give them every blessing because I know they will bless others.

I give them money because they will use the money for others. I give them strength so they can continually give of themselves. I give them wisdom so all they do is exactly what needs to be done.

And when they grow tired and discouraged, I draw them close to myself so I can send them out again. These are my messengers, my servants, the carriers of the life that I want for the whole world.

So, I ask, “Who wants these gifts?” Just ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find, knock and it will be open to you”. These are my Son’s words, but mankind so often turns away from the gifts of my heart.

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