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A Prophecy of Future Events

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Pakistan will be a source of great problems. The support of the United States and its ties to Pakistan have been weakened by the killing of Bin Laden. The present government, weak as it is, is the only fence standing between the rebels and the nuclear arms. When the government is toppled, America will try to secure the arms, but its military might will not be enough. The rebels are too large and too firmly implanted – too extensive among the people.

Even if the people do not belong to the rebels, they feel no enmity to the group. That is why the government is so weak in its fight against the terrorist group. It does not want to offend a large segment of its people and must make some political responses against the United States.

The Suez Canal is no longer protected by Mubarak and can no longer be seen as under the influence of the United States. Understandings with Egypt about the use of the canal are now meaningless.

Russia will continue to press its relationships with the key countries of the Middle East. These countries see Russia as a force which can help them gain their quest.

In all of this, America is no force for Israel or for true Middle East peace. The president sits on the sidelines and allows the forces in the Middle East to go unchecked.

Many see these problems as Middle East problems, far distant and not important to the West, but all of this will affect America because of its need for oil.

All of these events will tilt the power to the Muslim world and many Muslims will rejoice to see that they are gaining the upper hand much more quickly than they thought possible.

The most important issue has been overlooked. Up to now, the Muslim world has been divided because of the various dictators. Now, these have been or will be soon toppled. There is a new possibility of Muslim unity brought about by radical Muslims.

This sudden possibility of some union of Muslim nations under a religious leader will lead many to believe that they can be that leader. Important people will begin to move toward Muslim unity along religious lines. These men will not succeed but they will move the process along.

Then, one will arise who will take advantage of all of these forces and will somewhat unite the Muslim world for his purposes.

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