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Rich Nations Must Repent

Friday, July 29th, 2011

When the nations gather, they do so in their own interests, mapping out their strategies and plotting their ways. They come to agreements that satisfy themselves. They shift the agenda, speaking always of what they want accomplished. Never, never do they ask, “What does God want to accomplish? What does the heavenly Father want done? Why has he given us the goods of the earth?”

Everything is shifted to the powerful nations. Each nation moves off in its own direction, speaking of its “national interests”. I must address this problem.

The heavenly Father loves mankind. He has foreseen all that is needed. He has placed on the earth unimaginable blessings. These blessings are stored in elements of the earth that man has not yet explored. The earth is rich, able to sustain human life. There are blessings that have not yet been discovered and remain untapped.

Yet, what will man do when they are discovered? He will do the same thing. Each nation will act selfishly. The powerful will shift everything. The places where the riches are discovered will be exploited. There will be no fairness because men do not ask the central question, “How would God want us to use these blessings? After all, He is the one who has provided.”

You have built a world that is out of balance. It is tilted, shaken off its axis. All the blessings flow in one direction. How far down this road you have traveled! And you wonder why God will release his chastisements? What will get the nations to repent? How many forces hold them prisoners to their own foolishness? “This is the way it has always been”, they say. “It is too difficult to change.”

Is repentance possible? Let us begin. I will help you. Do not delay because you have a long way to go. Take the first step and the bonds that hold you will quickly unravel.

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