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A Surprising River of Heaven

Monday, July 25th, 2011

When I open up the treasures of my heart, I want everyone to be prepared. Otherwise the treasures will pour out uselessly and fall to the ground, not into people’s hearts. How can I prepare them? I can only speak of what is to come so their eyes are opened. I am not speaking of future trials but spiritual and even earthly gifts. The heavens will open, slowly at first. A continuous stream of blessings will descend. Then, as the whole world is gradually awakened and as many hearts begin to receive, the heavens will open even more, and a gigantic river of blessings will descend. This will be a continuous river, flowing into every heart that is open. The Church will never have seen such a river since the early days of Pentecost with its signs and wonders.

Theologians will wonder what is taking place. They will examine it and be unable to discredit it. They will be forced to say that these are valid blessings, extraordinary in nature but seemingly ordinary, that is, abundant to all. In this way, they will put their seal upon these phenomena.

The Church will be reluctant to speak at first, but it must not hold back, as if silence is the most prudent course. For too long it has tried to take this road but the modern world moves too quickly. The Church is left behind, arriving with its blessing after everyone else has already passed judgment. No, the Church must be bold and speak out early, so the faithful will not be filled with doubts. Otherwise, many will hesitate and the waters of grace will fall uselessly to the earth.

What are the rivers? Every type of blessings, beginning with repentance and sorrow for sin but leading quickly to a personal relationship with my Son through my intercession.

That is enough for now. There is too much to explain. I will teach this later.

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